Welcome to Old Bangour

Bangour Village Hospital served the community of West Lothian for almost a century until it was shut down and abandoned in 2004. In 2020, what remains is due to be demolished to make way for a new land development project.


This website is dedicated to preserving the history of "Auld Bangour" and documenting its historical and cultural significance

The History of Bangour

Bangour Village Hospital served the community of West Lothian for over a century, through both the First and Second World War.


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What's Changing?

Ambassador Homes have some big plans for the Bangour site, including the construction of hundreds of homes and a variety of public services.

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The Buildings of Bangour

Designed by Edinburgh based architect Hippolyte Blanc, Bangour is home to a diverse collection of buildings each with its own distinct aesthetic.

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The Church


Bowling Green


Here we will post regular updates following the construction work that will be taking place over the coming months and years.

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Car Park Relocation


Following the closure of the main car park at the front entrance, a new car park has been opened at the West entrance to the site. This can be accessed by turning left on the A89 before the original entrance, just past the BP filling station.


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